About SBD

Creates groundbreaking, multidisciplinary works of dance theater
that explores and reflects the human condition.


SARAH BERGES DANCE is dedicated to the creation of groundbreaking, multidisciplinary works of dance theater that explore and reflect the human condition. We seek to bring the life-enhancing experience of movement to audiences of all strata, creating choreography that inspires, entertains, and draws people closer to dance as an expressive instrument. We strive for artistic excellence with every performance at the same time that we insist our productions enliven, inspire and entertain audiences of varied age, cultural background, and dance experience.

Our Story

Based in Oakland, California, SARAH BERGES DANCE is in residence at the Sarah Berges Dance Studio in West Oakland’s Greenworks art space. The Company rehearses both in Oakland and New York City with world-class professional dancers from all regions of the US.

An annual Home Season in Oakland and multiple tours keep the company busy from October through June each year. Additionally, the company produces Community Performances in public places throughout the East Bay, often free of charge to the public.

SARAH BERGES DANCE performs Modern Dance and Neo Classic Ballet for sophisticated dance-goers and new dance audiences alike. An idiosyncratic movement vocabulary and trenchant storytelling characterize Sarah’s choreography. The repertory is entertaining and witty, yet undergirded by a steely intellect and rigorous structure. The company has performed in theaters, parks, on beaches and in schools throughout California, in New York City, Santa Fe, San Miguel de Allende (Mexico), and Paris (France.) Technically and thematically, the company’s repertoire ranges from classic-with-a-twist to avant garde explorations, often created alongside the commission of an original score.

The Sarah Berges Dance Studio hosts dance and movement classes, focusing on student recruitment from our immediate West Oakland neighborhood.

A Brief History

Beginning in Berkeley in the 1980s, taking a detour to Los Angeles in the 1990s, and returning to the San Francisco Bay Area in the 2000’s, Sarah’s contemporary dance company has been in constant motion. Her choreography has been produced by Berkeley Shakespeare Festival, City of Culver City, Santa Monica, La Tienda in Santa Fe, and Dance Brigade in San Francisco. Sarah’s company has performed in San Francisco, New York City, Paris, and San Miguel de Allende. Presenting dance in theaters, parks, on beaches and in schools, Sarah’s performing ensembles have been funded by Culver City Arts Commission & SONY Pictures, the Puffin Foundation, Squid & Squash Foundation and many loyal individual supporters. Having established a track record of quality dance productions, loyal audiences and increased funding over time, SARAH BERGES DANCE is making its mark in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

Sarah Berges

Sarah Berges has been creating and presenting her visionary choreography since 1984. A Berkeley native, Sarah had the luck to grow up immersed in Creative Dance and Improvisation taught by Ruth Hatfield. She studied Modern Dance technique and Choreography with Marcia Sakamoto, Wendy Rogers, David Wood, Carol Murota, Margaret Jenkins, and Brenda Way.

Sarah has directed her own dance company since 1984, creating a variety of works that have been produced in the US, Mexico and France. Artistic Director of SARAH BERGES DANCE, Sarah also teaches Modern Dance Technique, Creative Dance for Children, and Choreography at the SBD Studio in West Oakland.

Together with Diane Shigekawa, Sarah taught dance classes and presented her students’ choreography in San Miguel de Allende for three consecutive years, in 2008, 2009 and 2010.

Sarah holds a B.A. in Dramatic Arts-Dance from U.C. Berkeley and an M.F.A. in Dance/Choreography from Mills College.