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Sarah Berges Dance is an innovative, genre-sweeping performance company making big waves on the West Coast.
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Sarah Berges

An accomplished Dancer, Company Director, and advocate for the arts, Sarah Berges has been redefining Dance through her groundbreaking work since 1984!

Michelle Ellis

Working for SBD has made me a more versatile dancer in various arenas such as movement, musicality, and the appreciation for meaning and the manifestation of concepts behind movement.

Hope Kroog

SBD always provides me with the opportunity to explore my artistry and experience dance in a new and exciting way.

Jayson Douglas

SBD is a company to watch out for in the next couple of years, filled with versatile dancers who are passionate and tell a story in every moment.

Linnea Snyderman

SBD has given me the opportunity to express myself through dance as well as collaborate with an entire room full of artistic and driven individuals under the direction of the original and brilliant Sarah Berges.

Marcos Vedoveto

As a dancer-choreographer I love working with SBD. Because Sarah invites me to contribute to the creation of her pieces I immerse myself 100% and the rehearsal process is both challenging and rewarding.

Katie Montoya

SBD holds art and its process in the highest degree in order to maintain values of exploration and curiosity in today's world of dance and music.


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